Our Animals

The Horses


Arabian mare who came to us when her owners became unable to care for her and the other animals they had. She suffers from seasonal and stress ulcers so she needs to stay calm and happy to be healthy. She also has a noticeable hernia and will never be ridden.


Older mini mare who came in with her companion mini mare Lilly. They have been together for years and are never very far from each other.


A registered Paso Fino who arrived with his mom when he was just over 4 months old. His mom passed soon after and Copper has just been here since. He nearly died due to complications from gelding but has since been able to lead a normal healthy life with the herd.


A kill pen rescue who was brought up from PA. He has neurological issues and will never be safe to ride. He is wonderful to work with on the ground and loves to be loved on.


Freckles was born here at the sanctuary to an older mare, Katie, who was a retired show champion. They were able to stay together until cancer took Katie when Freckles was four.


A registered Paint who came to the sanctuary as a spoiled teenager. He was never taught manners and was a handful to say the least. He has adapted to life in the herd and has even been ridden a few times. He will never be safe to leave here with his attitude and manners.


A Carolina Island Pony who was used in a breeding program for most of her life. Having one baby after another for years is not good for anyone. We were told that she was pregnant when she came but she was not. Now she can enjoy her life and not have to worry about losing another baby to a money hungry breeding program.


Cooper in a calmer moment.


A retired police mount who was left in a field when his owners moved. He had no shelter and minimal feed and was several hundred pounds underweight when he arrived. He has gained a lot here and is the largest equine at the sanctuary.


A mini gelding who was very hard to catch and handle. He refused to have his feet trimmed without a major fight and usually ended up hurting someone in the process. After a few weeks here he decided he likes it and after a year he stands quietly to be trimmed every time.


Poney is one of our longest residents. She actually arrived the year before we started as a shelter. She is 40 years old this year.


A mini gelding that was placed with us because of trust and behavioral issues. He was beating up the bigger horses so he stays in with Squeaky, another mini, who can't be loose with the main herd

The Goats


One of our 17 goats. He came in with 2 companions. They had never been out of the building and had never had hay or been allowed to graze. They now happily free range with the rest of the herd as goats should be able to do.


Honey was raised in an apartment for a while and then given to a stable. The stable owners weren't sure what to do with her so they asked if we would take her. Honey had never seen another goat before she arrived here.

The Donkeys and Mules

Maggie the Mule

Boarded with us for several winters until her mom could no longer care for her at home. She has been a permanent member for a couple of years now.

Zeva and Spryte

Part of a group of 5 donkeys here and the only ones that need to stay penned for their own safety and the safety of our dogs. Spryte has actually attacked a porcupine and gotten both legs full of quills.

The Other Animals

Ruff Tuff

Ruff Tuff is one of 2 emus here. They were surrendered after one of the 3 got loose and had to euthanized for the safety of the public. The other two, Ruff Tuff and Emu2 came to live here. They have been an experience but we are all getting used to each other a bit more each day.


Snickers is a Jersey Ox. He weighs well over a ton and is in his teens. He is friendly but very protective of those he considers his.