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Our Story

I am a lifelong animal lover and owner having spent my entire life on a farm. I have extensive knowledge of most types of farm animals. As a child my family showed goats, horses, and cattle at local fairs throughout the state. I was a 4H member for many years and as an adult started a club for local youth in my area.

Over the years it became well known that I would take in animals that needed a home. In 1998 I married my husband and soulmate, Stanley, and we bought a 40 acre woodlot in the middle of the barrens in Downeast Maine. We cleared several acres of land for our little homestead and continued to raise our family and our animals.

It was soon apparent that we couldn't help everyone that came to us. We did what we could but it was getting too expensive and time consuming. We decided to start a non-profit farm animal shelter so that we could do fundraisers and accept donations for the care of the animals we had taken in. In 2011, at 45 years old, I retired from the food service industry and became a full time shelter operator. In the last ten years there have been many changes. We changed our focus from shelter to sanctuary. Life long commitment instead of looking for adoptive homes.

Most of the animals who come to us are from very abusive pasts and they often require a special type of care. We do very well at rehabbing animals and have found that few will not respond to our efforts in a positive way. We do still adopt sometimes but it has to be the very best home for all concerned.

-Debbie McLain